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Better hearing not only allows you to stay connected to family, friends, colleagues, and the world around you, but it also allows you to enjoy a richer, more rewarding lifestyle. For many, stepping into the unknown is among the reasons they hesitate to get the help they need with hearing loss issues or balance disorders. However, if you asked our patients what their biggest regret was, they are likely to say that they wish they had contacted us earlier.

Whether you have questions or concerns about hearing loss, hearing aids, frequent issues with vertigo, or how to help a family member with any of the above, our team of professional audiologists is ready to address whatever needs you might have. You can contact us online for specific needs, including:

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Whatever the circumstance, we are here to provide hearing care and balance solutions to fit your and your family’s unique needs. You can also contact us by calling the Hearing and Balance Doctors center nearest you:

Utah: (435) 688-8991
Nevada: (702) 896-0031

St.George, UT

Santa Clara, UT

Hurricane, UT

Cedar City, UT

Richfield, UT

Henderson, NV

Mequite, NV

Boulder City, NV

Locations in Southern Utah:

Hearing & Balance Doctors in St. George, UT
1054 E Riverside Dr, Ste 201
St. George, UT, 84790
Phone: (435) 688-8991
Fax: (435) 688-2122

Hearing & Balance Doctors in Santa Clara, UT
1100 N Canyon View Dr, Ste G
(Shared office with Zion Eye Institute)
Santa Clara, UT 84765
Phone: (435) 688-8991

Hearing & Balance Doctors in Hurricane, UT
25 N 2000 W, Ste 8
Hurricane, UT 84737
Phone: (435) 688-8991
Fax: (435) 688-2122

Hearing & Balance Doctors in Cedar City, UT
1251 N Northfield Rd., Ste 202
Cedar City, UT, 84720
Phone: (435) 867-1736

Hearing & Balance Doctors in Richfield, UT
1000 N Main St, Ste B
Richfield, UT, 84701
Phone: (435) 688-8991
Fax: (435) 688-2122

Locations in Nevada:

Hearing and Balance Doctors in Henderson, NV
1742 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 100
Henderson, NV 89012
Phone: (702) 896-0031

Hearing & Balance Doctors in Mesquite, NV
340 Falcon Ridge Pkwy Building 500,
Mesquite, Nevada, 89027
Phone: (435) 688-8991
Fax: (435) 688-2122

Hearing and Balance Doctors in Boulder City, NV
999 Adams Blvd. Suite 103,
Boulder City, Nevada, 89005
Phone: (702) 896-0031