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There are two big misconceptions that many people making about hearing loss

The first misconception is that they believe that hearing loss is a sign that they’re broken.

They’re wrong. The truth is, hearing loss is often a sign that you’ve lived an abundant rich life and experienced so many great things that your ears have struggled to keep up with you.

In the same way that driving your car fast will result in you having to change the tires sooner, hearing loss is often a result of leading a fast-paced life.

At Pacific Hearing Service, this often results in incredible people walking through our door with a story to share, and it often results in us being fortunate enough to not just care for peoples hearing, but to make new friends in the process.

The second misconception is that many people believe that hearing aids are the solution to a hearing loss.

The truth is, great hearing technology is certainly part of the equation but a small part of the puzzle when compared to the importance of working with the right experts.

As our community knows better than most, technology without human intelligence does not change the world. The combination of the two does.

With over 40 year’s experience caring for tens of thousands of patients throughout Silicon Valley, Pacific Hearing Service are trusted by patients, physicians and many local organizations.

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