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Reasons to Choose Us

#1 - Trusted by Thousands of Local People

Achieving better hearing does not happen at the drop of a hat. It requires a long-term relationship with a team of experts that can walk you through a unique methodical treatment process.

That’s why we have thousands of local people that continue to regularly visit us and trust us with all of their hearing healthcare needs. From physicians through to emergency workers, we have the pleasure of helping thousands of incredible people to continue to hear the life that they love and bring their differences to the world.

#2 - Delivering Hearing Healthcare to the Highest Audiological Standards

We’re seeing more and more advertisements trying to persuade you that a hearing aid is the solution to a hearing loss, yet they couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is, if you want long-term results rather than putting a Band-Aid onto your hearing challenges, then things need to be done in a certain way.

At Hearing & Balance Doctors, we follow the highest levels of audiological standards, perfected by helping thousands of people to achieve better hearing.

#3 - 4 Highly Regarded Doctors of Audiology

You’ll be cared for by one of our highly regarded and expert doctors of audiology.

Best of all, with each of our doctors having previously experienced a variety of audiological backgrounds, you’ll benefit from their collective wealth of expertise. No matter what challenges you may be experiencing, our team has seen and found a solution to them before.

#4 - 9 Locations Across Utah & Nevada

With our doctors spending certain days of the week at specific locations, you’ll be able to benefit from having a state-leading doctor of audiology within travelable distance to you at one of our 9 locations.

Spread throughout Utah and Nevada, each of our convenient offices boasts easy parking, great accessibility, and modern/comfortable offices.

Our waiting rooms have even been compared to a First Class Airport Lounge – the only difference is that we don’t have champagne on arrival!

#5 - Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology

Unlike most hearing professionals, we’re not limited to the technology or manufacturers that we partner with. This means that we’re able to make a recommendation to you that is uniquely right for you based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, needs, and budget.

This opens options including invisible hearing devices and an extra focus on ensuring your hearing devices don’t just amplify your hearing but also amplify your life.

#6 - Physicians Trust Us

Many physicians throughout Utah and Nevada turn to us when they need help or support with a specific patient’s needs, often referring patients in our direction.

Being trusted by top medical professionals is an honor, and we’ll continue to repay them by taking great care of the people they send in our direction.

#7 - Multiple Organizations Trust Us

With many local companies often inviting us to run hearing screenings for their employees, we are trusted by many local organizations and businesses across Utah and Nevada.

What Do Patients Say:

I took my teenage son to this location to have a balance test performed. He saw Dr  Ryan Whitaker. The front desk staff were very helpful and polite. The assistant who worked with my son before he saw the doctor was very professional and nice. Dr Ryan Whitaker was impressive with his assessments and testing. I really liked how he conducted himself and also how he explained everything he was doing and why. Furthermore, he discussed his findings right after all the tests were done so we didn’t have to wait for results and knew where we needed to go from there. He gave great suggestions on follow up doctors and things that can help with my son’s issues..”


A Thank You Note From Sandy

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