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Game-Changing Prescription Hearing Aid Technology to Meet Your Needs

Although hearing technology is only one of the many options toward achieving better hearing, it often prevents people from taking their first step toward better hearing.

Unfortunately, when the subject of prescription hearing aids comes up, most of us remember those large, clunky devices our parents or grandparents used to wear.

However, the good news is that today’s technology is small, discreet, and more powerful than devices from even a decade ago. In fact, many of our patients tell us that their friends, colleagues, and loved ones have never even noticed that they are wearing a device.

In addition to more discrete wearing, modern hearing technology includes greatly improved and natural-sounding clarity, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music, phone calls, and your television directly to your hearing aids as well as giving you the capacity to adjust and fine-tune your hearing experience from your smartphone.

In short, today’s prescription hearing aid technology doesn’t just amplify your hearing, but it also amplifies your life.

Hearing aid technology

The Different Styles Of Prescription Hearing Aids

Schedule A Hearing Assessment

The first vital step toward regaining the independent and rewarding lifestyle you are missing due to hearing loss is a comprehensive hearing assessment.

If you or a loved one are not hearing as well as you used to, it is time to schedule a hearing assessment to learn why you’re struggling and what can be done.

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