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What Are Online Hearing Devices?

What Are Online Hearing Devices?

by | May 19, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

It’s no surprise that the internet has found a way to capitalize on hearing loss. With the popularity of online hearing devices growing, we are seeing more and more patients come in with questions about them.

And with good reason, the marketing teams behind these products are professionals and very experienced. But they are experienced in marketing, NOT hearing healthcare.

May is Better Hearing Month, and we want to use this time to inform the residents of Utah and Nevada about all their options when it comes to leading a better life through hearing.

These online hearing devices are similar to hearing aids but on a much more simplistic scale. They are designed to amplify sound and that’s it.

They lack the technology and customization to suit each individual patient’s needs. Hearing aid capabilities far surpass that.

What Is the Difference Between Online Hearing Devices and Hearing Aids?

There are many differences to consider between these two instruments. Hearing aids are far more advanced in technology and have many features that benefit you greatly.

Technology is almost always better from a private practice. But perhaps more importantly, our clinic offers comprehensive testing to allow for the proper selection of hearing aids.

There are many to choose from, and we want the one that is going to serve your needs the best.

Our expert fitting/programming of devices is also a huge advantage compared to online hearing devices, which leave you calibrating and fitting them yourself.

Over time, your hearing will change, and we can support that change with you.

Our support system will be with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and provide long-term maintenance, care, and counseling.

Who Benefits from Online Hearing Devices?

While I have seen some patients experience success with an online hearing device, those stories are few and far between.

Online hearing devices can occasionally work for mild hearing losses and savvy patients.

Sometimes this “success” stems from a placebo effect and since no professional help was sought, the underlying problem not only persists but can progress as well.

If hearing loss is in its very early stages and a bit of volume is all that is required, then they may be a solution but temporarily at best.

It’s usually a gamble and seldom recommended. While sometimes more cost effective than a professionally prescribed hearing aid, saving money in the short term is not worth the long-term emotional/social/cognitive/physiologic risks.

Getting The Attention You Deserve

In almost all circumstances, getting professional hearing healthcare from an in-person clinic provides the best opportunity for success.

Having one of our experts speak with you to determine your specific hearing needs will greatly benefit your hearing and peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding these types of devices or anything at all to do with improving your hearing, then please give us a call.

Our clinic strives for the gold standard in care and that means providing personally customized treatment plans for each of our patients.

You can schedule either an exam or a consultation here.

Our clinic offers free consultations with our doctors.

Live life. Hear better.

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Dr. Richard Luekenga

Dr. Luekenga opened Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah in 2005. Since that time he has been dedicated to creating state-of-the-art facilities filled with the latest technology along with the most qualified and caring hearing healthcare team. He received his Doctor of Audiology from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. His doctorate is supported by his B.A. at Utah State University, clinical fellowship at Bountiful Hearing Center and further clinical experience at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, IHC Hearing and Balance Center, The Kosair Children’s Hospital, Heuser Hearing Institute (Deaf Oral School), and Avada Hearing and Balance Center, to name a few. With this long list of experience, it is clear that Dr. Luekenga is very passionate about good hearing and is well-versed in the advances of hearing aid technology. He is equally as passionate about helping patients that feel off-balance, dizzy, lightheaded, or unsteady, and understands the need these patients have to get back on their feet! Additionally, he provides counseling and therapy for patients who experience tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in their ears).

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