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The ReSound OMNIA: A Real-Life Review from Our Patients

We want to make sure we are recommending technology to our patients that we truly can stand behind and that we know is working for our own patients.

The ReSound OMNIA: A Real-Life Review from Our Patients

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Industry News, Patient Resources, Tele Audiology

World-renowned hearing aid manufacturer ReSound has once again released a new, groundbreaking wearable hearing aid that is here to transform the hearing aid landscape.

On August 25 of this year, the ReSound Omnia was released to the public to mass accolades.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive as a whole, but we at Hearing & Balance Doctors want to make sure we are recommending technology to our patients that we truly can stand behind and that we know is working for our own patients.

For that reason, we asked some of our patients to participate in a trial with the ReSound Omnia. We asked these trusted patients to truly put these new hearing aids through the wringer so that they could provide accurate feedback and give us a picture of the benefits and drawbacks of this new technology. Each patient was asked to wear the ReSound Omnia hearing aids for 14 days and then to report back to us their thoughts.

We have received their feedback and have compiled it in this article so that you can feel fully informed when you begin the hunt for a new pair of hearing aids.

Before that, let’s look at what makes the ReSound Omnia hearing aids special.

ReSound Omnia hearing aids

How Is the ReSound Omnia Different?

The ReSound Omnia takes what ReSound has been doing so well and tweaks the technology to make even better performing hearing aids.

ReSound is branding these hearing aids as being able to help users hear better in noisy environments and also to hear ambient sound with more clarity.

So, how is this technology different from the others?

According to ReSound, the Omnia helps users to understand speech better when in noisy environments, as compared to their other hearing aid technology.

Their secret to this better speech understanding even with more sounds around is due to their Organic Hearing ™ technology. This unique technology emulates the natural hearing process and helps the brain to hear as it was meant to.

The ear shape is unique, and the Organic Hearing ™ technology within ReSound Omnia hearing aids is shaped to collect sound inside the ear and is made specifically for each individual user.

In order to achieve this perfect fit, ReSound has an app, the ReSound Smart 3D ™, which provides the full support users need in order to ensure a perfectly fitting hearing aid.

The natural fit and speech clarity is enhanced by other groundbreaking features.

The ReSound Omnia hearing aids are made for the moments in life that are unpredictable. Fully weatherproof and sweatproof means that these hearing aids go along for whatever life holds and won’t hold the user back.

Of course, connectivity is another feature of the ReSound Omnia hearing aids, and streaming capabilities are included from iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Crystal clear phone calls and music streaming have been made better through advances in connectivity, as compared to the legacy technology of ReSound.

Overall, ReSound Omnia boasts a lot of exciting tweaks to their trusted hearing aid technology.

But What Do Our Patients Think?

In order to create a fair and accurate trial, we made sure to try and include as many different voices as we could.

After wearing ReSound Omnia hearing aids for 14 consecutive days, several patients shared their experiences and whether they would recommend them or not. Never ones to fudge the truth, not all of our patients have positive feedback, but that is our way of giving you the full story.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ready to Give Omnia a Try for Yourself?

Following the mostly positive feedback from our patients, we are looking forward to recommending ReSound Omnia to qualified patients who are looking to upgrade their technology.

If you are interested in experiencing the ReSound Omnia for yourself, then give us a call and schedule a visit soon!

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