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Dr. Barrett St. George

Meet Dr. Barrett St. George, Ph.D., Au.D., Your Audiologist

Dr. Barrett St. George

Ph.D., Au.D.

Dr. Barrett enthusiastically joined Hearing & Balance Doctors in 2022. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCONN in 2013 with his bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences.

He then went on to simultaneously pursue his clinical doctorate in audiology (Au.D.), as well as his research doctorate (Ph.D.) in Hearing Science from the University of Arizona, with a minor in neuroscience. His research focused on the anatomy and physiology of the central auditory nervous system, particularly as it pertains to spatial listening.

His most recent research has shown promise for clinical assessment of functional listening skills involved in sound localization. In addition to research, Dr. Barrett has enjoyed teaching many courses (both undergraduate and graduate-level) at the University of Arizona within the department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

Dr. Barrett also has experience with audio engineering – that is, mixing and mastering for professional quality music production.

Dr. Barrett grew up in Connecticut, where he met his wife, Amanda. They have two children, Ellie, and Broderick (“Brody”). In their spare time, the St. George’s enjoy being outdoors and living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Barrett also loves creating and recording music, playing the guitar, going for motorcycle rides, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

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