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Discover the Power of Widex Hearing Aids

Founded in Denmark over 65 years ago, Widex is driven by a “passion for sound” and has become a prominent player in the hearing aid industry.

Their 2019 merger with Sivantos, establishing WS Audiology, has positioned Widex as the third-largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, producing one of the most advanced AI-powered sound engines.

Widex hearing aids are known for their exceptional sound quality, advanced noise reduction features, and sleek designs. Widex offers a range of styles, including discreet in-the-ear and powerful behind-the-ear options, ensuring that every user finds the perfect fit.

Their Widex MOMENT app enables users to customize their listening experience and access support, making Widex a popular choice among hearing aid wearers.

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The Quality of Widex Sound Processing

Widex’s DEX sound processing technology sets the gold standard for modern digital audio solutions. The Fluid Sound Analyzer uses machine learning to optimize sound settings, overcoming the challenges of various listening environments.

Widex Moment technology, highly regarded by musicians, synchronizes processed and unprocessed sound to deliver a more natural listening experience.

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Widex Hearing Aid Features

  • Widex’s advanced AI sound processing engine offers personalization and seamless integration with digital technology, including iPhone, Android, and other devices.
  • Widex Zen Therapy is an additional feature that provides relief for those struggling with tinnitus.
  • With the TeamViewer app, users can request programming adjustments, tech support, and troubleshooting as well as receive counseling from a hearing care provider from anywhere in the world.

Choose Hearing & Balance Doctors for Comprehensive Widex Hearing Aid Support

Widex hearing aids provide advanced technology solutions for those experiencing a hearing loss. Hearing & Balance Doctors supports those who own and wear Widex hearing aids, as well as users of other brands, with troubleshooting, maintenance, and hearing aid repair.

At Hearing & Balance Doctors, our mission is to help you achieve better hearing and enhance your quality of life through personalized care and ongoing support.

Dive into the world of exceptional sound with Widex’s revolutionary hearing aids. Get in touch with Hearing & Balance Doctors now to start your journey toward a life of improved hearing and deeper connections.

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